Foundation of European Initiatives in Silesia

About FEIS

Who Are We?

We’re a youth NGO that’s all about civic education, volunteering, and getting young people active. We’ve been working for over 10 years to give youngsters in Bytom and all over Silesia a chance to join in on European mobilities and initiatives.

Our Mission

FEIS is all about broadening horizons, opening up young people to new opportunities for growth and education. We bring together, energize, and empower youth from Bytom and across Silesia.

How Do We Operate?

In recent years, we’ve focused on areas like civic democracy, social entrepreneurship, volunteering, fighting youth unemployment, and exploring regional identity. Since kicking off in 2010, FEIS has rolled out dozens of exchanges, training sessions, meetings, and campaigns for participants from across Europe. Right now, we’re all about youth exchanges, training youth workers, and workshops. In 2021, we scored an Erasmus+ Youth Accreditation from the National Erasmus+ Agency, letting us launch even more projects for young people.

What does FEIS consist of? 

The Foundation for European Initiatives in Silesia, in addition to activities under the name of FEIS, has also established units that specialize in specific activities:

Jan Łaski Law Institute

Institute of Law Jan Łaski was established to act in the field of legal education of the society, primarily in the field of disseminating legal awareness, popularizing the use of legal protection measures and compliance with the legal order in everyday activities. The Institute focuses on the practical application of law.

SIPE Śląski Instytut Edukacji Politycznej

Tank established by young people to promote civic education and Silesian identity. SIPE operates mainly in the academic environment, and its members are mostly students.

As part of our activities, many different educational materials for youth and youth workers are created. Here you can browse what we have to offer in the field of education.

Young business - This is our newest zone, from which you will learn how to start a business in various European countries, and young participants of our projects will motivate you to enter the entrepreneurial path.

Volunteering - in this zone you will learn about the rights of a volunteer, motivate to act and get the necessary information to start.

Democracy - here you will find games and materials supporting the participation of young people and you will learn about our projects in this topic.


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